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It’s been a challenging year.


Covid-19 has made it difficult to socially connect with one another. For Friendship Circle participants, this has been especially devastating. As you probably know, for many kids with special needs, connecting with their FC friends was a highlight of their week.


People want to talk, to unite, to bond. They are seeking connection.


The way we see it, G-d has gifted us with a binding element: Tefillin (phylacteries). 


Tefillin binds people, binds worlds, binds hearts and minds.


An anonymous donor has stepped up to donate a pair of Tefillin to FC participants who have become Bar Mitzvahs during this time and who have not been able to celebrate with a full crowd as they dreamed of doing.


This is your chance to receive a pair of tefillin free of charge and gain an opportunity to do a valuable mitzvah.

How it works

Receive Your Bar Mitzvah Box

If you are approved, a pair of Tefillin, as well as a Tehillim and Siddur, will be sent to your FC Director, who will pass the Tefillin package along to you.


If you feel that you or your child fit the requirements and would benefit from a pair of tefillin, complete this form and pay $15 toward shipping costs (the shipping fee is also viewed as a token of participation on behalf of the recipient).

Share Your Celebration

If you receive the Tefillin, you will be asked to use it together with your father/son and FC teen friends (if applicable). We are asking that you share a weekly picture of your tefillin usage with the Friendship Circle.

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