Tefillin. Connection. Friendship.



Covid-19 has made it difficult to socially connect with one another. Especially for Friendship Circle participants, this has been especially devastating.


For many kids with special needs, connecting with their FC friends was a highlight of their week.

People want to talk, to unite, to bond. They are seeking connection.


The way we see it, G-d has gifted us with a binding element: Tefillin (phylacteries). 


Tefillin binds people, binds worlds, binds hearts, and binds minds.


Friendship Circle International has joined forces with The Mitzvah Bank to donate a pair of Tefillin to FC participants who have become Bar Mitzvahs during this time and who have not been able to properly mark this milestone.


This is your chance to receive a pair of tefillin free of charge and gain an opportunity to do a valuable mitzvah.

How it works


Once your form is received, your Bar Mitzvah Box (which includes: Tefillin, Kippah, Tzitzis, Pushka, Prayer Book, and How-To-Guide) will be sent to your Friendship Circle Director on your behalf.


Congrats! Your Friendship Circle Director has informed us you have celebrated your Bar Mitzvah recently and has selected you to receive a unique Friendship Circle Bar Mitzvah Box. Fill out the form below to receive your special gift.


Your Friendship Circle Director will present you with your Bar Mitzvah Box, and teach you how to wrap your Tefillin. Please be sure to share a picture of you using your Tefillin with the Friendship Circle!

In Memory of Chaim Schneur Zalman Yehuda Ben Hinda Yocheved