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FCI Shluchos Retreat 2019
Registration Form
Radisson at Lackawanna, Scranton, PA

Tuesday, July 23 | 20 Tammuz
10:30 am: Registration
11:30 am: Welcome Session

Wednesday, July 24 | 21 Tammuz
3:00 pm: End of Retreat

Travel Information: If you will be flying in for the Retreat, you may want to look for a flight to the following airports:
Scranton Airport approx. 15 min away
Newark Airport approx 2 hours away
PHL (Philly) approx 2 hours away

We plan to arrange carpooling from Crown Heights (2.5-hour drive) and may be able to coordinate from airports as well. Please speak with Rivkah ( to confirm and coordinate.

We look forward to seeing you, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Steering Committee:
Chani Kamman, Sarah Kranz-Ciment, Esti Lazarus, Mushka Matusof

Coordinator: Bryna Webb

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