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Friendship Circle
Unified Walk Platform


Friendship Circle International is proud to announce the launch of a unified Rallybound Platform exclusively for Friendship Circles. This unified platform will provide a more affordable platform for participating Friendship Circles as well as more features and regular platform updates.


FCI has partnered with Tzvi Schectman and Charity Studio to manage this new platform as well as to provide enhanced services (read about Charity Studio below).


Some of the benefits of a unified platform

  1. A 33% discount on standard annual pricing ($1,000 instead of $1,500).

  2. Faster technical support (generally within 12 hours).

  3. The ability to choose from three different templates or add your own*)

  4. Free domain white-labeling transfer or discounted pricing for new purchase**

  5. Cheaper processing fees, between 2.5%-3%

  6. Standard updates implemented at no cost.

  7. Access to some new features still in beta***.

  8. Cheaper upgrades****.

*additional fee will apply for adding your own template

**Bring your white-labeled campaign over to the unified platform at no charge or purchase a new one at a discounted price of $1,000

***Beta features will be made available at the discretion of Rallybound

****Certain feature requests can be significantly cheaper provided all FC’s on the unified plan jointly cover the costs.


The Process

  1. The unified platform will be available starting July 1.

  2. An annual payment of $1,000 will be due upon platform registration.

  3. Registration and payment will be made at

  4. Campaign will be created and access will be provided.

About Charity Studio


Charity Studio is a consulting agency focused on helping small and medium-sized nonprofits with their marketing and technology needs. We work with these nonprofits to produce streamlined processes and tools in an efficient and budget-friendly manner.

Charity Studio has extensive experience in peer-to-peer fundraising events including but not limited to:

  • Rallybound Platform

  • Digital & Print Marketing

  • Event Management & Marketing

  • Fundraising Plans

  • Corporate Sponsor Strategy

To learn more about Charity Studio and all of our services please visit

Charity Studio Services


Charity Studio is available to provide a full range of services that will help grow your walk and help you with the heavy lifting. Below you can find the following departments that Charity Studio can help with your peer-to-peer event.

Technical Support

  • Email Support

  • Email based support for all technical questions on how to use Rallybound features.
    Responses guaranteed within 24 hours (usually within 12 hours) on weekdays and 48 hours (usually within 24 hours) on weekends.

Price:  Included in annual contract

Advanced Technical Support

  • Rallybound Tutorial
    A complete one-hour training on how to setup and use Rallybound

  • Platform Setup
    Charity studio will help you get your campaign setup. Setup includes payment settings, graphic design upload, features activated, FAQs populated and more.

  • Fundraiser Support
    Have a fundraiser that needs help getting their page setup and emails sent? Send them to Charity Studio and we can help them get going!

  • Corporate sponsor logo uploads
    Want to add corporate sponsor logos to your Rallybound platform? Send it our way.

  • Limited Chat Support
    Need additional support? Chat support is available when scheduled in advance.

  • Report Preparation
    Need a report of fundraisers, donors or teams? Want to see how you are doing last year vs. this year? We can prepare it for you.

Price: $85 Per hour billed in increments of 10 Minutes.

Event Marketing

  • Email
    Charity Studio can help you prepare a series of emails dedicated to promoting your event. Charity Studio will work with your organization to create an effective email marketing campaign that generates interests in your event.

  • Facebook
    Charity Studio can help you plan and manage a calendar of Facebook content that can raise awareness and excitement for your event.

  • Instagram
    Have an Instagram account? We will help you think of out of the box ways to use Instagram to generate interest in your event.

  • Facebook Advertising
    Charity Studio will develop highly targeted ads to the people most likely to attend your event. We build your campaign, develop your audiences, create your ads and manage your ads for the duration of your campaign.

  • Street Team/Guerilla/Offline Marketing
    A successful marketing effort also includes offline buzz and recruiting via word of mouth. We help you create a successful offline marketing campaign that will help generate conversation around your event.

  • Theme Development
    Charity Studio can help you create an impactful message around your walk that will help provide meaning to your event and help it stand out from previous events.

  • WhatsApp/Text Messaging
    Charity Studio can help you with a Text Messaging campaign designed to provide updated information to event registrants, remind them about the event, and provide updates while the event is in progress.

  • Design
    Charity Studio can help you with all of your design needs. This includes brochures, flyers, banners, website graphics and more.,

Price: Marketing support will be charged at $85 an hour. Estimates will depend on how much support you would like but can range from $750-$3,000.


  • Fundraising plan development
    Charity Studio can help you create a plan to find new fundraisers, organize them, keep them motivated and help them raise more money than ever before.

  • Corporate Sponsors plan
    Charity Studio can help you find new corporate sponsors and keep current ones excited about your event. Together we can develop a cohesive plan to keep your biggest event supporters engaged!

  • Incentive Strategies
    Incentives are extremely important to motivate fundraisers to raise money. Charity Studio will help build an incentive campaign for each demographic of your walk and make your best fundraisers feel like they belong to an exclusive group of supporters.

  • Fundraising Marketing
    Charity Studio can create a marketing campaign exclusively for your fundraisers that will help motivate them and promote idea sharing opportunities with each other. We can create emails just for fundraisers with fundraising ideas, incentive offerings, fundraiser only events and encouragement. Charity Studio can also create special Facebook or WhatsApp groups just for fundraisers to build a sense of community and support for your fundraising event.

Price: Fundraising support will be charged at $85 an hour. Estimates will depend on how much support you would like but can range from $500-$2,000.


  • Event Planning
    Charity Studio can relieve the stress of planning your event. We help you stay organized, create a planning calendar and help you delegate tasks.

  • Entertainment Research
    Charity Studio will help you find the right entertainment regardless of your budget. We can help you find local entertainment or bring in national talent.

  • Pre Walk Events
    Charity Studio can help you develop and plan pre-walk events to help raise awareness and fundraisers for your campaign.

Price: Fundraising support will be charged at $85 an hour. Estimates will depend on how much support you would like but can range from $500-$1,500.

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