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Wheelchair-Bound DJ Gets People Up and Running

We’re doing a recap of our past decade here at Team Friendship to celebrate our 10th birthday, and today we’re taking it back to 2017. 2017 was an important year: it was the first time that Team Friendship as a whole hit the 1 million dollar mark, raising a total of $1,064,634.94 in one year.

What’s more, we also broke our PR when we passed 400 participants (440 incredible athletes joined the cause that year!)

Another record was broken too: Marcelle Garih, at 72, was the oldest person to join Team Friendship since its inception. Now that’s what we call “young at heart”!

In 2017, we welcomed a special talent to the Team Friendship Miami Stage: Joe Volfman. Joe Volfman, who has Cerebral Palsy and is wheelchair-bound, made it to the finish line of the 26.1 mile Miami Marathon on behalf of the Friendship Circle...


Wheelchair-Bound DJ Gets People Up and Running

By: COLlive Reporter

Joe Volfman, 21-years-old, is a man of many interests; depending on the day, you can find him working out, spinning the records behind the DJ table, biking around town or campaigning for a local organization.

It might surprise you to hear that Joe also has Cerebral Palsy, which limits his mobility and keeps him confined to a wheelchair. That hasn’t stopped him from setting out to achieve his dreams, though.

A passionate adaptive biker, he’s currently training for the Paralympics and has completed full and half marathons with Team Friendship, which operates under the Friendship Circle International umbrella and organizes endurance sporting events to raise funds and awareness for the global organization... Click here to continue reading this story...

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