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Biking Through the Sunshine

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We’re doing a recap of our past decade here at Team Friendship to celebrate our 10th birthday, and today we’re taking it back to 2015. In 2015, we broke yet another personal record: for the first time, we passed the 300-participant mark with a grand total of 318 participants over the course of the year.

In 2015, Yitzy Smith, a Bike 4 Friendship alum and three cross country cyclists who had biked across America, took a quick visit to Miami. While there, he shared a bit about his experience with some friends.

“Sounds awesome,” they told him. “Let’s do something like that here!”

And thus, Bike Miami Key West (BMKW) was born. It was a hit; 20 riders joined the group and we spent 2 incredible days biking the gorgeous route from Miami to Key West together.

Subsequently, BMKW earned a permanent slot on our event roster and has boasted over 400 participants since its inception. To read more about the unforgettable experience, read on.


Cyclists ‘Bike 4 Friendship’ from Miami to Key West

By: CrownHeights.Info

As a married father with children, I have never experienced Friendship Circles events. I have never been involved in a Friendship Circle Marathon or Bike Race. The usual bake sale with the proceeds going towards Friendship Circle has always been “just “another event, fundraiser for this great organization, but never personal.

Well this past week, I was involved in the bike ride from Miami-Key West; to my dear friends, “no,” not as a cyclist, as an event planner with my wife. Starting with the Morning Prayers-Shachris in the Hebrew Academy of Miami, and the Kosher breakfast, the cyclists were off. Some inspirational speakers like Rabbi Dechter, Director of Friendship Circle of Miami Beach, and Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the US, encouraging each person personal gain of the trip. Let’s not forget the leadership team of Friendship Circle who gave all the logistic, and map information for the ride for clear directions on the trip to the Keys.

Flying Tzitzis, helmets padded with a yamulka, cyclists adjusting clothing for this long trip. Having a religious Jew as the “bicycle mechanic” encouraging and advising the cyclist on gears and gaining speed, was like Mount Sinai. Where do you find, religious, and non-religious people riding together in harmony for one cause, “Friendship Circle”... Click here to read the rest...

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