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Join The Founders Circle


Together, Team Friendship has achieved some amazing things: Engaging over 3,000 participants, and involving over 50,000 donors in the message of Friendship Circle. That's a testament to the power of our collective efforts!

Now, amplify your impact even further by joining the Founders Circle, an initiative started by Gabby and Ethan Stein.


Our Mission

Why The Founders Circle

Our goal is to have 250 pioneers each contributing $83 a month. This specific target allows us to cover our foundational expenses and overhead costs, ensuring that the majority of funds raised through our events can go directly towards our programs and initiatives.

As a Founders Circle member, you'll have the chance to:

  1. Shape new initiatives through exclusive roundtable discussions

  2. Mentor new volunteers and participants, guiding the next generation of changemakers

  3. Network with like-minded individuals at special events

  4. Receive quarterly impact reports and personalized updates, keeping you in the loop on how your contributions are making a difference

Joining the Founders Circle is simple – just click on this link  and follow the steps to set up your monthly contribution of $83.

By becoming a member, you'll be part of a community of forward-thinking, innovative givers who are committed to driving positive change. Your commitment will enable us to dream bigger, reach further, and ensure that every participant can experience the transformative power of inclusion and support.


What we do
How We See It
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