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Covid-19 has been a unique time for Friendship Circle participants. 


Close to a year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic -- that's one whole year of Bat Mitzvah girls being unable to celebrate their Simcha in a proper and desired manner.


We would like to do something unique for Friendship Circle participants, around the world, who have celebrated their Bat Mitzvah during this unusual time. 

In honor of Chof Hey Adar, the Rebbetzin's birthday, we are launching the first-ever  Friendship Circle Bas Mitzvah campaign!


Friendship Circle International has joined forces with The Mitzvah Bank to gift a special Bat Mitzvah Box-to those who have celebrated their Bat Mitzvah in the last year. The boxes will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.


It is our hope that this present will be an agent to help bas mitzvah girls with special needs celebrate a significant milestone, and connect both with themselves, their families, friends, and the greater community.


The contents of this box will inspire these girls to get excited about their Yiddishkeit and show them and their families the importance of being a Bat Mitzvah.

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In Memory of Chaim Schneur Zalman Yehuda Ben Hinda Yocheved
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